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              acetaldehyde oxime (pesti...
              Deoxidant for boiler wate...
              Ammonium sulfate

      Acetaldehyde oxime (Acetaldoxime) for used in boiler
      1. Product Description:
      Chemical Name: acetaldehyde oxime
      English Name: Acetaldoxime or Acetaldyhyde Oxime
      CAS RN: 107-29-9
      Molecular Formula: C2H5NO
      2. Deoxidizing Principle:

      Acetaldehyde oxime reacts with metallic oxide as metal deactivator:


      3. Specification:
      The product is divided into acetaldehyde oxime solution for use in boiler and high-purity acetaldehyde oxime for use in boiler two specifications:

      Deoxidant and protective agent for boiler water.

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